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welcome to my world


Before my grandmother passed away, she told me that of all her offsprings, I was the one that she never had to worry about. I heard her, but never took the time to truly listen to what that meant. Now, I get it!

My name is Toccara Hill and let me personally welcome you to my world.

Through the years, I have worn a lot of hats and mastered a lot of skills. This website is designed to be an outlet for my thoughts, my knowledge, my passions & my talents. Once you enter my realm, get ready for all things Toccara Hill.

My #1 goal is to educate. Whether you’re looking for hair tips or real estate advice, feel free to use my world as your resource. I don’t claim to know it all, but, as a successful entrepreneur in several industries including retail, beauty & real estate, it might be worth the look.  Enjoy~

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